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⦁    Speciality: Suitable for Vegetarians
⦁    Net Weight: 895gms
⦁    Net Volume: 1000ml @ 40⁰C
⦁    Ingredient: Buffalo Ghee
⦁    Colour: White
⦁    Form: Liquid
⦁    Packaging: Food grade Plastic
⦁    Brand Name: Gavyuh Dhanam
⦁    Manufacturer: Gavyuh Dairy Farm
⦁    Country of Origin: India
⦁    Net Quantity: 1000ml


⦁    Product Description: Buffalo bilona ghee made from butter extracted from Buffalo’s milk by traditional bilona method. Gavyuh Dhanam ghee is prepared on a low flame thus keeping the nutritions intact. 100% natural product with no preservatives, no colour, no chemicals and no additives. Free from any form of adulteration. Amazing caramel like natural smell. Enhances food taste naturally. Rich in Magnesium, Calcium & phosphorus. Gavyuh Dairy Farm prepares there ghee in small batches to maintain purity and quality.

1 Litre Buffalo Bilona Ghee (Plastic Jar)

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